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Help families in need
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«Yad Yitzchok»

Make a donation, and we will pray for you and your loved ones in 6 holy places in Israel.
The Pray project was created by the Yad Yitzhak Foundation so that everyone can turn to Gd in the holy places of Israel
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Who does the fund Yad Yitzchok help.

  • Lonely elderly people, widowed or left without the care of loved ones.
  • Families with many children in difficult life situations.
  • Disabled people of any age.
  • People who need expensive treatment.
  • Single-parent families facing financial problems.
  • Orphans.

These are the main fields of our activity:

  • Economic assistance to cover basic needs of poor Jewish families, such as electricity, water, heating, medicine, clothing, furniture, etc.
  • Assistance to families of women who gave birth.
  • Weekly economic assistance to cover Shabbat expenses.
  • Wholly or partly payment of wedding expenses.

We Pray to Make Your Life Better in Each and Every Way

  • About Yad Yitzhok

    Become a Partner of Our Foundation

    We represent the Yad Yitzhok Foundation. We use our resources to support large and incomplete families, sick and disabled people, retirees and orphans. When ordering a prayer from us, you become our Partner in helping people in need.

  • Our impact

    We Support Repatriates

    -Cost coverage of basic needslike food, clothing, and accommodation.
    -Helping young women in labor during and after their pregnancy.
    -Paying for medical services.
    -Assisting with education and job search.
    -Providing legal services.

  • Our community

    Together We Grow Stronger

    You help our Foundation. We help people in need and pray for you. Together we overcome any obstacles.

We Help Families

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  • 5 steps to do a good deed and receive prayer in gratitude in the holy places of Israel brush stroke
  • right package
    Choose the right help option You can make a one-time donation or help monthly.
  • pray for
    Choose the type of a prayer Health, relationships, money, prayer on holidays or any other request to the Almighty.
  • sign up
    Fill out the form To pray for you and your loved ones, we need answers to a few simple questions.
  • support
    Support our Foundation By helping those in need, you are improving your life right now!
  • benefits
    Receive a prayer of thanks for your help You help people in need and we pray for you and your loved ones. Through this, we all grow stronger.

Make a donation and we will pray for you and your loved ones in the Holy Places of Israel

Who will pray for you?
Family fathers who dedicated their lives to Torah study. As a rule, they have large families and a high personal level of spirituality, they are Talmudists and experts in the Torah.

Frequently asked questions

Contact us via email and we'll help you resolve the issue.
Sometimes people need not only material help, but also spiritual support. We are often asked to pray in the Holy Places of Israel. After all, not everyone can do it himself for various reasons. That is why the founder of the foundation, Aaron Zvi Bakhnarel, created this project, which will help to fulfill the good wishes of a large number of people and, at the same time, will become a guide for many to the world of charity.
The foundation sends reports by e-mail to everyone who makes a donation on the site. If you issue a tariff with monthly assistance to those in need, such a report will come once a month.
Family fathers who dedicated their lives to Torah study. As a rule, they have large families and a high personal level of spirituality, they are Talmudists and experts in the Torah.
Donations made through are eligible for tax relief in the US. Unfortunately, this benefit does not apply to other countries.
Unfortunately no. Donations related to services can only be made through, using credit cards or PayPal. If you would like to donate directly to the Yad Yitzhak Foundation, please visit the Foundation's website:
All donations made through are sent directly to the Yad Yitzhok Foundation. The funds are directed to support the repatriates ( and the activities of the Foundation.
The Yad Yitzhok foundation organizes numerous charitable activities, such as consultations, volunteer programs, meetings, and other events. Those activities require investment as well as the direct financial support for people in need. Every donation is evenly split between three expense groups. The first part goes directly to the people in need as a financial transfer. The second, if necessary, cover their expenses related to the nature of their current problems (if not applicable, it also goes directly to the ward as a financial transfer). And the third part is directed to support the Foundation's expenses, such as regular payments for communication services, rent, utilities, accounting, and salary. Your donations make it possible for the Foundation to run our errands and to offer help for as many people as possible!
You can check the statistics in your personal account which will be created upon your registration.

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